Date Subject Amount Type User
Up 2015-04-01 Default 50.00 Incoming Lars Hildebrandt
Up 2015-03-14 Default 50.00 Incoming Johnny Camper


Member Member since Due Payed to
accidwiscak accidwiscak 2014-05-08 0.00 2014-05-08
CoareeTaf CoareeTaf 2014-05-08 0.00 2014-05-08
FritzE FritzE 2014-05-08 0.00 2014-05-08
Harry Blocker Harry Blocker 2014-10-14 0.00 2014-10-14
Jimmy Defuser Jimmy Defuser 2014-10-14 0.00 2014-10-14
Johnny Camper Johnny Camper 2014-10-14 5.00 2015-08-14
Lars Hildebrandt Lars Hildebrandt 2014-10-14 5.00 2015-08-14
Max Spawnkiller Max Spawnkiller 2014-10-14 0.00 2014-10-14
Rafik Rafik 2014-05-08 0.00 2014-05-08
ThePie69 ThePie69 2014-05-08 0.00 2014-05-08
Tobi Fastshooter Tobi Fastshooter 2014-10-14 0.00 2014-10-14
warldeadind warldeadind 2014-05-08 0.00 2014-05-08

Bank Account

Account owner: Lars Hildebrandt
Account number: 123456789
Bank code: 987654321
IBAN: DE_1234567890987654321
BIC: BIC12345
Bank: My Bank

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Latest News

GameServer! 3.4.2 available

GameServer! now supports Killing Floor 2 and the new version changed the way how mapimages are handled.

I had a little trouble with my site and the load that was made by image requests of your sites. I changed the behaviour. From now, the requested images will be saved on your site in the images/gamesserver folder. This change reduces the load of my site and on the other hand the loading of your site should be faster.

So please update your GameServer! component to the latest version.

Thanks a lot


SquadManagement 1.0.1

New version of SquadManagement available. This version contains big recatorings with jquery. Please give me feedback, if there are issues about this.


You can find the version here.

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