Simple task list. (Openbox Pipe Menu)

2 months 2 weeks ago #4211 by jensen breck

for openbox and needing a simple project to get my feet wet in python, I hacked together a simple Task List as a pipe menu.

At the moment, functionality is rather simple. Adding tasks and deleting completed tasks is supported.
Given enough time I will look into adding tags and showing items in a submenu acording to the tags. That is of course if anybody is interested because as is this suites my needs.

Another possible feature could be to look into an available API, say maybe Remember the Milk.

Now I'm not much of a GTD kind of guy, but with proper tag implementation this could be a simple and efficient system.

All data is stored in a file (defined in the script). One could easily place the file in a folder that is synced with other PCs and have your task list follow you around.

Please keep in mind that I'm learning python so this script should be far from "pretty". Any and all suggestions, advice or constructive criticism .

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